Michael - Still life with water heater, laptop, holiday paraphernalia, Alyssa on the line, and the same old shirt.
Michael - Now ist die Zeit auf Kettenrädern, wenn wir tanzen.
Michael - Today was nothing short of spectacular and I agonized over what my last picture of the year would be. A picture of Kim's laundry that I had just folded? Kim holding towards you (or us) a teensy heart-shaped pillow that she made me? A picture of my my cellphone showing that I had turned off the alarm that has reminded me to take a picture everyday for the past two years? Finally, I settled on what was at hand-- Sid had a nasty tick that needed to be removed at exactly 7:15.
Kate - lights at yoga district's bloomingdale studio in NE DC remind me of lights at a night club in LA that i photographed with laura teeler 2 years ago.
Kate - in an envelope in my mailbox waiting for me was harold pinter's obit lovingly written by ariel dorfman. favorite line: "He spoke to me...with unmistakable clarity, became the contemporary author who knew how to dispel the terror of my own loneliness merely by fearlessly naming it." thanks for sending it, mom.
Kate - goodbye sametime. i'll miss you. love, kate
Bryan - multivariable mathematics
Bryan - the peerest princeton intercourse
Bryan - B walker bees well talkin'
Jesse - Something akin to Hanes Mens' Wear.
Jesse - Into the Future.
Jesse - Restless Leg Syndrome #10.
Brad - Turbulence
Brad - Paper mill be crazy huge and terrifying
Brad - See you later from Bryant and Jenny Snyder's wedding!
Soung - Forrest shoots sametime. Meet Biscuit and Nugget.
Soung - Bergandy shoots sametime. We made burritos for dinner.
Soung - Kate and I celebrate and/or commemorate the very last sametime shot of the year.
December 29, 2008
December 30, 2008
December 31, 2008
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