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detail drive by    she is the devil dedication  adam and nick made these bass traps for adam's studiothis is how i felt today after a surprise voice mail  he wears it welllindsay and nick lindsay and carrie (they're sisters) brad and leah at the 70's/80's party for lindsay's 26th and anu's 30th we are bringing it back leah, lindsay and i i don't know your name, but you sure have pretty eyesbrad and richiezach morrisi drive by this everyday on falls roadthis home always prepares me for the upcoming holidayit snowed a lot today......almost a footuntouchedstill snowingrichie was being playfulsoon this room will be red and tealelizabeth buys her bouquet's of flowers at walmart weekly, and separates each into various bouquet's around her homeelizabeth needs to dust her shutters; she is changing before she shows me the town of frederick, mdelizabeth calls this her garden roomelizabeth had 9 fingernails painted purple and 1 french manicureelizabeth showed me the town of frederick, md after our appointmenti have now spent almost four hours with elizabeth and know a lot more about her than she knows about me....i also know frederick, md like the back of my handthe wizard points northi'm sloppy when brushing my teethgetting ready for the irvine fundraiseri will pass this on to leah when i am done with itirvine fundraiser at stalking horse....attention sean....it took an hour to get our pre-made crab cake sandwiches!
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