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on my way to kate's new freedom, pa
it looks like someone dumped a latte in the stream my beautiful aunt greta & adia attacked my on the swing leaving kate's at the perfect time east bmore after meeting with carmen for the fifteenth time i ran into kimmy at studio 1612... ...and i left with bangs! druid hill park npr company picnic leah's moving to baltimore in 2 weeks...yay! dean dj'ing at asylum the decor is right up my alley books are cool watching the sunrise after a very long night b-more at its finest i dropped adam off at his ghetto dentist and got hired on the spot at papermoon diner me and the teachers pimpin' the loaner...again first night on the job mark's non-prescription hipster frames were fun   oh, and jess got into town today   mom played at the 13th floor penn station, as seen from the 13th floor mom and her prized possessions!
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