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always locking up garlic from jeff & kate's
i need to figure out something amazing to do with you guys i listen to adam master steve's track i want these steps in my house rarc at dantes take 2 waiting on erin late night the traditional mountain city breakfast (which is still not hardly impressive) susie Q gabby aka sundae's long lost sister reminiscing kenny & lindsay garden vegetarians in this house how i miss that fireplace i rub my eyes when i wake...and this is what i see tenaglio garden   the highlight of I-70 today at least i can still eat seaweed salad... ...and miso soup being in all of this wisdom tooth pain crazy storm intervention meet student dentist at the baltimore city school of denistry number 16 is coming out in a few minutes...i cannot believe this day has come!!!!! kitty's and pain killers kitty's and pain killers
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