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adam bought the furminator sunshine in my life
we all live in a yellow submarine now introducing for the first time...mr. and mrs. nicholas tenaglio cristallino, cigarettes and a little spying on frank finally complete...i love it lindsay best friends peekin' i am very proud (adam shot) chris and stephanie's for the night...i missed you guys! marshall's in town the spread for lunch today stephanie gave me the little man in the morning, when we rise, that's the time apparently it will only feel like a sweat bee sting (adam shot) i am not kidding i want to wake up to this every morning adam records todd office day mlk howard st the first body bag i have ever seen laid here this morning; be careful bicyclists adam & the birds my mom turned 50 today a bit of an oxymoron...but what great food and donuts bella prepares one of the two cakes
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