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svedka before bed i like what rusty trashcan bottoms and sloppy painters do
he did not care about me out with kit for the evening brooke's niece book thing...you should all go uplifted, yet swimmable kate's bras kate sunflower the spread tonight was antipasti pepper & mozz over baguette and grilled veggies for appetizer...cheesy polenta with a tomato cream sauce for entree...homemade cream puffs with whipped cream topped with blackberries and rasberries for dessert...with 2 S's padonia swim club drivin' brad pointed this out to me...pure brilliance picking up other people's trash club charles after 'food inc' that you should go see harvest roscoe is 17 years old happy birthday ms. kathy just woke to see that we're almost home (adam shot) miscommunication creates waiting relaxing
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