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greg's neighbor's get angry because his palm sucks up all the water leaving the fog
we followed tuna for a good while we discovered many positions to sleep (adam shot) valley of the giants northern ca coast thanks be-rad he was having a moment nasty foam compliments to adam i am so glad we did this guys a gift for johnny and grundl good morning portland city of bridges top two means of transportation around here rogue brewery classy powell's books was amazingly large one of the few group shots steve peery tree a lot of harmless homelessness in portland cutie pie at the saturday market he was good   sushiville adam and steve chat while karen and i imagine what it would be like to buy all of these wonderful dresses kiddie pool wrestling is quite entertaining huckleberries thriller countdown before we head to seattle goodbye portland...you were something almost to seattle seattle skyline pike place market in front of the very first starbucks playing the washboard and the tub bass space needle gay pride...this man told adam that if he left me he would give him all the beads in the world...this man was old enough to be his father amy's soon to be neighbor seems a bit crazy a wonderful sunset to end this amazing adventure...you can bet i will be doing this again FareStart for lunch; this is a not for profit culinary organization in seattle that provides training and job placement for the homeless...and they make amazing food boarding airtran mt. rainier is a two hour drive from here if that tells you anything bye seattle...you were awesome a big country #1 a big country #2 a big country #3 flying high sunset from the sky our trip is now officially over what we came home to finally getting these photos up cracking thunder, lightning and falafel with adam and ingrid
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