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lincoln park downtown chicago #1
downtown chicago #2 chicago was awesome (compliments to adam) amish market in wisconsin minnesota wind farm...so cool after threatened by a tornado and damaging hail storm, we decided to holiday inn it instead of camping on fox lake land of the bison she's a beauty surreal trying to take it all in everyone must see this at least once in their life oh hi bradley cacti   home, home on the range i had to the wild west adam shot wyoming is stunning i got really excited when i saw an animal adam playing with prairie dogs leaving bighorn national park #1 leaving bighorn national park #2 grundl became a cemetary entering yellowstone gloomy weather snow everywhere   at this point i had been driving for over 6 hours and felt a little crazy final destination...jackson, wy teton theatre view of the teton mountains from hope and mike's living room leaving jackson about to pop a squat...thanks adam   bear lake in utah... ...it looked like the carribean on our way to salt lake city which was pretty disappointing rain cloud salt flats about to eat the best mexican food i have ever had in battlemountain, nv the best optical illusion i have ever seen we did not come out winners adam surprised me tonight with his hidden gambling ocd elbows grundl's speakers weren't so nice lake tahoe nevada city ryan's shop in nevada city one of ryan's gardens balinese umbrella old pals pacific madrone one of the meadow's on ryan's property he definitely has the most beautiful property i have seen make a wish the community yurt leviah say cheese the yuba river flip #2 yum a-frame they got married today texas longhorn greg sails on the san francisco bay for a living walking the docks view from greg's living room in berkeley the largest aloe i have ever seen the bouquet i collected along the street brazilian for lunch heading to the haight district street chess amoeba records golden gate park haight street the bart
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