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hair everywhere after a morning run
i hope these birds found a nicer place to nest mom and matt's  helicopters fresh thyme and chives out of my garden the final product...blackened tilapia topped with roasted red peppers and onions over a bed of mixed greens and fresh vegetables...go me! education the wait pushing me away saturday morning... zeke's compliments of adam #1 compliments of adam #2 (i was impressed) matt & adam are really awesome people 442 playing at the 'TGNA' party (thank god nathan's alive party) enjoying aunt jen's bathroom happy mother's day to you mama yay polaroids are becoming extinct a not so pleasant part of baltimore city i'm cooking dinner tonight federal hill howard street nearing the end of a beautiful life bradley is so generous freakonomics is next on the list nature made it's way inside if only she could do the laundry and make the bed
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