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madeline is 90 years old estelle is madeline's sister who lives next door...we had a lot of good laughs todayit took madeline almost three and a half hours to complete her application due to her having arthritis...she kept referring to me as "young, loose and full of juice"torrential downpour's are not fun to drive inwhat a gloomy paydayyes, i am a crazy cat ladyi think i'd rather look at the pileadam's in richmond, va = girls night in hampdenmiss shirley's for breakfasti think i have accepted the fact that animal fur is a part of my everyday appearance no matter what i do...and i'm ok with thatthey're going to be okwall-elauren and i...we always pick up right where we left offms. o'brien...high school english teacherwell...it will be if you keep telling yourself thatflowers from lauren's houseturning the soil for my amazing vegetable gardenchivesmy two besti've never noticed this buildingstalking at red lightswhen i was stuck behind this truck for about ten minutes i was focusing more on the french fries and less on the ketchupthis made me happya lot of soccer memories were made herethe homeless community found in front of the holocaust monumentthe hills of hampdenironytime for dinnergrid of energyeveryday...everyone...has their own routineanother beautiful cathedral in baltimorei'm missing aspenamazing the way people liveback with madelineurban myth...or is it?remingtonwe were just driving on north ave and saw one of adam's students in the car beside us...i think adam is still in shockfeb 11, 2009...the artist , shepard fairey who designed the popular obama poster; was arrested last friday night in boston; he is required by L.A. court accused for creating graffiti paintings on private propertystir fry for supper before lostbad memories
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