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howard county public library with lethia lethia told me the only people she thinks she trusts at this time in her life is me and her minister...needless to say, this woman made my day (a not so good picture, but i wanted her to be a part of this)the wine source is pretty awesomea good, but rainy dayquinoa (keen-wa)...i think i'm obsessed with this mealis your mouth watering yet?i love tammy!cherry blossomsthey say baltimore city has poor public transportation......i wouldn't knowhoward streetenough saidrocket to venus ceilingthe adam's were listening to brad's new albumi have a lot of brown hairafter eating breakfast at the howard street delimy neighbor, zach,  had an art show tonightadam and zachsome of zach's worksome of zach's worki will go back to this barwe had a potluck with adam and ingrid at ten o'clock tonight...and it was deliciousrays'bang on a can' at clarice hall performing arts centerthe second half was a disappointmenti liked the ceilingwe had just listened to a man read poems about seeing santa claus in the clouds...needless to say they were being pretty negative at this pointinappropriate #1inappropriate #2ottobar'the christmas lights'the audiencekenny's new contraption...i was impressed'cotton jones'i was being a little invasive!she's a freaki've been thinking a lot latelyi wonder what holiday is coming up next?i can't wait for you to openmore of adam's good
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