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old fashioned i wonder what we will have to lock up nextcirque du soleil is in baltimore...and i can't afford to go!the sun's a shinin'brad's pieceaudrey and her friend who is training to be a pilotthe crewa nice afternoon spent at the bmabrad and i were talking about the bma being our home...the european century art room would definitely be the living areabrad, he's pointing at youthis room was filled with mouthfuls of his wife's perfumeotto dix print'the thinker' seen almost everywherethese are made with a single string in thailandi wish!this is seen in front of adam and ingrid's apartment buildingdouble dagger at zodiac (nolan ate a jalepeno/pepperoni pizza and threw up 10 minutes before he went on)a beautiful day in the neighborhoodantiquing with lindsaypinup paradisea woman on the street referred to this tree as 'the famous knitted tree'it is pretty awesome and can be found on the avenue in hampden
we had fun todayhome sweet homethe birds have started chirpingsail cloth milli wish i could have captured this moment better...the circus literally marched through the city on pratt street...traffic stopped for about 15 elephants and several other caged animalscotton jones played at the black cat in dc  tonightthis is what you will find outside of the green room at the black catleah did a follow up sametime interview with bryan martin after the show driving to cambridge, md to meet a client...the eastern shore is so flatfarms and flat landi have not been to church in a very long timei drove otis to the library so we could make copies of some documents...he has to be one of the cutest little men i have ever metthis is where otis livesbay bridge #1bay bridge #2off mlk...morning lightdrivingback to baltimore after my first md settlement!!!!the better part of north avenuered roofi love this building
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