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one of my client's had heart surgery and is recovering well pollution..a form of hindsight...not so much!one worldbrad boxed his fries up!detouron our way to frostburggood friends and a terribly upset stomachdave and amanda decorationsbeatrice plays fetch with a cell phone squeaky toy that says 1-800-CALLMEcrossing over to ridgely, wv to meet leah's brother justinfrostburg, mdleah got voted best eyes in high school because it's true!beatles cover band at dante'sback to baltimore and still feeling illwhere is the sunshine?jesse is on his way to hawaii right now...he will always be part of baltimore nowno one buys the paper anymorei would never get my taxes done here...would you?i forgot to wear green today and i'm very irish...oopsspring is nearspring is here #1spring is here #2spring is here #3i can't wait for the porch partieswe're bff'si think i gave adam the stomach flua new grill may be necessary this year!
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