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i can only play 'puff the magic dragon' on this instrument contrast   one of the weirdest parts of baltimore cityi think there are ghosts at sonarcircle of fire played at sonar tonight...i love my momi'm a drums and bass kind of girlthanks for being there for me today bradleycaught in the actsoundgarden in fells with some of the greatest people on earththere must have been a lot of lost dogs according to the amount of staples on this telephone poleleah bought flowers from david who sponsors the NDRF (national destitute relief foundation); he will be going back to kenya in juneleah and i are about to bike almost 15 miles today through rock creekcoffee's a brewin'mt zion cemetary...this land was purchased for the burial of free blackskey bridge connecting arlington to georgetown...what a fabulous day'sticks and stones and broken bones, they're only temporary' (adam laye)paolo's in georgetown for lunch before we biked backthis is how every cup of coffee should be served (the name of this cafe is 'baked and wired' located in georgetown)that is one incredible form of architecturewe were sleepy from biking and didn't even stay for the showsoon...all of the windows will openthe end of a lovely weekendnostalgia #1nostalgia #2nostalgia #3roland parkwe have all been through a lotthis actually had salt in itron thinks leslie looks like a school principal...i have to admit i agree with him!brad and carrie made lindsay and i spaghetti for dinnerthe streets of baltimoreit makes a nice coat rack
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